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Patient Resources

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Have you or a loved one received a lung cancer diagnosis? We know this can be a time filled with questions and uncertainty. We've put together a library of resources to help answer some of your questions.
In addition to the resources found here, we would love to invite you to join one of our lung cancer educational meetings to learn from lung cancer experts, hear about the future of lung cancer and lung cancer research, and connect with other patients and survivors.

We know this is a lot to take in. If you'd like to talk one-on-one, we would love to connect with you, virtually or in person, to talk, listen, and provide support throughout your lung cancer journey.

Hear from LiveLung Founder and lung cancer survivor, Dusty Donaldson.

These videos address some of the most common questions and concerns people have when receiving a lung cancer diagnosis

Lung Cancer Overview
The Impact of a Cancer Diagnosis on
Personal Relationships
Mental Health & Lung Cancer
Lung Cancer Staging &
Understanding Scans
Supplements & Interactions
Palliative Care


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