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The Dusty Joy Foundation/LiveLung was founded by

lung cancer survivor, Dusty Donaldson in 2010. 


Nearly 225,000 Americans will be diagnosed with lung cancer each year, yet there are fewer than 100 lung cancer-specific support groups nationwide. For the past five years, the Dusty Joy Foundation (LiveLung) has been hosting a growing network of monthly lung cancer support group meetings. We are committed to continue increasing the number of such groups throughout the United States. 


LiveLung was founded in 2010 by lung cancer survivor, Dusty Donaldson. As a long-time survivor, Dusty understands the importance of patients coming together to share their experiences and to encourage and learn from each other.

The goal of our program is to bring lung cancer patients, survivors, and their caregivers together for education, encouragement, and empathy. We provide an inviting environment where everyone feels welcome regardless of the cause of their lung cancer, their prognosis, or their treatment. We also invite community partners to our meetings, including pharmaceutical representatives, nurse navigators, and collaborating organizations. We strive to connect survivors with experts and resources within the community.


LiveLung is the only non-profit organization that offers a growing network of lung cancer-specific support groups. Research shows that those diagnosed with lung cancer experience higher levels of distress and have more unmet physical and emotional needs than those diagnosed with other types of cancer. A significant unmet need is face-to-face support groups so patients can connect with each other. These face-to-face meetings encourage, empower, and provide hope to lung cancer patients and caregivers.  However, many live in areas where no lung cancer-specific group is available.


LiveLung primarily relies on corporate funding in order to provide support to lung cancer patients and caregivers; we never solicit donations from our patients. Our guiding principle is that we are here to serve lung cancer patients and their caregivers … not the other way around.


The funds we receive from this gala will provide project management for all groups, an expansion of our patient education through a video series that shares valuable information and acts as a resource as well as an outreach and recruitment tool. In addition, funds will continue to support our distribution of Hope Totes to the medical communities that we serve. These Hope Totes include meeting information as well as resources and tools to help those who are newly diagnosed with lung cancer.

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